SEO & Digital Marketing

SEO is multi-faceted and key to the success of your business or organisation. It is what makes your website visible to your target audience when they search for keywords relevant to what content, products and services your organisation provides.. Without traffic, opportunities to convert prospects to customers are lost.

At Chews Life we understand the different elements of an effective SEO campaign and can help you tailor and implement an effective digital marketing strategy.

Gaining high rankings on search engines organic results requires optimising for a multitude of factors, including On Page, technical and Off Page SEO.

On Page SEO

On page SEO involves optimising individual pages of your website in order to rank higher and gain increased traffic from search engine organic results. We can provide an audit of your website, key web pages and in depth keyword research and analysis to create an action plan for on page SEO optimisation.

Our detailed analysis and reporting provides insights into improvements that can be made to the website overall and individual key pages. This includes the content of the page, the structure of a page including Title Tag, meta, page URL’s, images and linking.

We focus on the following on page SEO techniques to improve your websites performance and search engine rankings:-

> Title Tags, meta tags, headline tags (H1, H2, H3)
> Page content / keywords
> Copywriting / SEO writing
> Image optimisation
> Technical SEO

Outbound links

Technical SEO

Technical SEO involves review and optimisation of the technical aspects of a website in order to meet various key technical ranking factors that search engines take into account.

We specialise in website and page load speed optimisation, including caching, compression, script optimisation, database optimisation, content and image optimisation and server optimisation to ensure your website is loading and visible to users as fast as possible.

> Website performance and page load speed
> Browser caching
> URL structure
> Sitemap
> Google Search console integration

Off Page SEO

Off Page SEO includes looking at factors outside of your website that search engines take into account when ranking a website in its search results.

Search engines take into account factors such as:-
> Inbound links from other domains/websites
> Link quality
> Trust: SSL HTTPS, History, Authority
> Location
> Social media integration, reputation, shares & likes, linking